Lyndsey Rieple Jewelry

exquisite grounded refinement

A well-designed life is a life that is generative—it is constantly creative, productive, changing, evolving, and there is always the possibility of surprise.
— Bill Burnett

My work is about designing confidence. Materials that are free to be repurposed in a new beautiful way affirms the abundance that surrounds us and compliments the wearer’s consciousness and style. The natural materials like wood and antler reflect life’s natural scape while metal frames the jewelry with an industrial quality. I want my designs to look or actually be kinetic in a thoughtful architectural way. With all the home replanting I have done, I have learned to take home with me through my designs. The process of riveting and tension setting allows this sense of motion to occur as the metal “housing” encases the wood and supports my flip rings.

Creating a unique juxtaposition of natural and industrial materials has also been a way for me to challenge what society deems valuable. By using materials that are largely repurposed or reclaimed, I can design wearables that speak to something warm, relatable, and even reachable. The design can then flourish as much as what is forming it.

the mission

I create artisan jewelry that is made with recycled metals, wood, antique components, coins, and leather cord.  My designs bridge craft to fashion, natural to industrial, and rustic to refined. 

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